Introduction to TOTAL Corporate Diligence Risk Score Report

TOTAL Corporate Diligence Risk Score Report (TCDRSR)

TCDRSR comprises:
  • Overview
  • Corporate Structure
  • History Summary
  • Related News
  • Management Background
  • Banking & Financial
  • Trade Record
  • Writ and Debt Scanners
  • Charges/Mortgages
  • Overall Trade Reputation
  • Operation and Activities
  • Subsidiaries/Associates/Related Companies
  • Property Ownership Searches (conducted on subject, its principals & all related parties)
  • Summary
  • Total Credit Risk Score*
  • Total Credit Appraisal**

*Total Credit Risk Score (TCRS) is based on a risk score model developed by a group of professional business and credit analysts with extensive knowledge and expertise. It appraises your risks and chances by a rating "Total Credit Appraisal" (TCA) defined to the company in question with ratings between TCA1 and TCA6. The TCRS is calculated according to totally 22 indicators including:

10 Financial data (if available) Working Capital Ratio or Current Ratio
  • Working Capital Ratio Trend
  • Cash and Cash Equivalents Trend
  • Shareholder's Funds Trend
  • Total Liabilities to Shareholder Funds Ratio
  • Total Liabilities to Shareholder Funds Ratio Trend
  • Net Profit Margin
  • Net Profit Margin Trend
  • Total Assets Turnover Trend
  • Turnover Growth
  • 12 Non-Financial data/Legal Structure
  • Registered Charges/Mortgages
  • Years in Business
  • Principal's Business Experience
  • Total Writ Scanner
  • Trade References
  • Total Debt Scanner
  • Number of Employees
  • Total Property Ownership Search
  • Certification
  • Business/Industry Trends
  • Public Filings Compliance

**Total Credit Appraisal (TCA) provides a total assessment of the credit worthiness of a company. It takes all significant credit elements within the report into account with appropriate actions on business or credit dealings recommended.

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