Total Credit Quality Services

Total Credit & Risk Management Group insist on the best possible quality standards in order to continue increasing our client base, by providing efficient support to our extensive clients worldwide.

Total Credit & Risk Management Group is committed to providing the highest quality international credit and risk management services available. Each of our offices is equipped to provide the highest quality business information available, wherever it is required. Distance and language are no longer barriers to successful overseas trade.

The following quality aims contribute to the Total Credit & Risk Management Quality Policy:

  • Strengthen global communications by introducing innovative & cost effective measures;
  • Increasing our technology leadership based on our own research and development programs, strategic partnerships and cooperation with the leading associations & institutes in our industry;
  • Strengthening the "Total Global Credit & Risk Solutions Brand" world-wide;
  • Management setting an example by maintaining company culture;
  • Confidential treatment of customer-specific information with regard to third parties and the public;
  • Continuous development of Total Credit & Risk Management Group as an organisation geared to customer needs with clear responsibility structures;
  • Ensuring the Quality of our Partner offices;
  • Preserving the company's independence through continuing growth and good yields.

Total Credit & Risk Management Group is committed to: Being at the forefront of Credit & Risk Management in the fields of Business and Credit Reports, Global Debt Collection, Account Receivables Management, Due Diligence and Investigations, ensuring we utilise that advantage to enhance the efforts of our experienced and qualified staff and to achieve a pre-eminent position in the global market place.

Doing so in a professional, efficient and competitive manner.

Working with our clients to identify and satisfy their needs now, and for the future, through a commitment of research resources and facilities, and by working with industry so as to ensure the services offered meet best work place practices.

Ensuring we meet the needs of our staff, clients and the public in a manner that is conducive to best work place practices, providing a safe and happy environment to work in, and to strive to be at all times a corporate citizen of the highest calibre.



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