Introduction to Total Who's Who - China

Total Who's Who (TWW) - China

TWW is an essential in-depth investigation tool designed to help verify and confirm your Subject’s (individual) credit and business status, history and background.

It includes the unique tools shown below:
  • Total Property Ownership Search (TPOS)
  • Property ownership records since 1996.
  • Total Address Search (TAS)
  • Target’s current address in our database since 1987.
  • Total Writ Scanner (TWS)
  • Target’s bankruptcy, winding up records in our database (for the last 7 years).
  • Total Debt Scanner (TDS)
  • Target’s Debt Collection record in our database (for the last 5 years)
  • Total Directorship, Shareholdership & Business Capacity

Searches Target’s current directorship, shareholdership, legal representative and/or business capacity in limited companies (including private and public companies)

* Subject’s identity number is required for verification.
  • Total Relationship Search (TRS)
  • Search individuals or companies related to Target (e.g. business partner) in our database and reliable sources/channels since 1987.
  • Total Media and Related Search (TMRS)
  • Search media and related news for Subject (e.g. internet and media records) in our database since 1987.

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