TOTAL Business Credit Reports

In the current economic climate it is now more important than ever to understand and manage both credit, risk and opportunities that exist in the market. With our proven track record and expertise in credit and risk management solutions, we'll help you make reliable business decisions and manage both credit and risk.

Since 1987, we have been operating as a global credit and risk management specialist. Our capacity to provide high quality credit reporting, verification and investigation services to our clients have resulted on many occasions, in them avoiding bad debt and aided in substantially reducing their potential bad debt provisions.

Our 'best of breed' business credit reports provide powerful credit and risk assessment on millions of businesses worldwide.

International business risk can be very high, but we limit it is as much as possible with millions of credit reports on businesses in over 130+ countries. Know the creditworthiness of who you are doing business with abroad with an international company credit report from Total Credit.

Our Company Credit Reports give you:

  • Access to millions of company credit reports online via our databases
  • Access to millions of international credit reports in over 130+ countries
  • Online order history viewer
  • Choice of delivery speeds for international credit investigation reports
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fresh information and investigations

Whenever you need more international company credit information, you can get the answers with our investigation service, tailored to your specification. Even if you are in a hurry we can help - just choose how quickly you want our report to match your budget and schedule.

By using Total Credit’s Company Credit Reports you are getting:

  • The highest quality Credit and Risk information available at competitive prices
  • Credit and Risk information endorsed by leading ECA’s & Credit Insurers
  • Access to unique databases storing over 3,000,000+ court and debt records

Types of reports as follow:

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