Update Your Records

To help ensure data quality and accuracy, Total Credit encourages businesses and business professionals with an opportunity to correct verified inaccuracies.

It is a smart business decision to provide Total Credit with up-to-date information on your company. Why? Because in today’s fast-paced world, thousands of businesses look for it every day. Having complete information can be the difference between winning or losing business or credit opportunities. Suppliers typically request credit reports on new, as well as, existing customers. Nowadays, more and more companies are using third-party sources to evaluate and monitor the status of their clients. Any changes to your Total Credit record, such as the addition of a court and writ record can trigger a review of your report. So, make sure your report provides a complete picture of your business.

Your business can have a distinct advantage over your competitors who do not provide information to Total Credit. Is your information up to date so that you receive the best terms suppliers have to offer? Increased efficiencies and cost-effectiveness can be passed on to you.

How much does it cost to update my records?
There is no cost to you to help keep your Total Credit record up-to-date.

1. Update Your Company Records
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, print off and return by email to: sales@totalcredit.hk

2. Update Your Litigation Records
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, print off and return by email to: sales@totalcredit.hk

Please [click here] for Total Credit’s Data Collection Policy

Please note: If your case has been closed by way of commercial settlements between the parties, please can you provide soft-copies of supporting documentation as evidence which proves that both parties have agreed to settle (applicable to litigation records only). We will then verify this information accordingly and update the case status, if necessary. For all other information submitted, this will be verified and confirmed prior to the updating of our records.