Introduction to Total Trade Risk Score Report – China

Total Trade Risk Score Report – China (TTRSR-CN)

TTRSR-CN comprises:
  • Overview
  • Corporate Structure (e.g. Shareholders, Directors, Legal Representative etc.)
  • Banking
  • Writ and Debt Scanners
  • Charges/Mortgages
  • Nature of Business
  • Total Trade Appraisal*
  • Total Trade Risk Score**

**Total Trade Risk Score (TTRS) is based on a risk score model developed by the credit and risk analysis team of Total Credit & Risk Management Group. In summary, a higher-risk company attains a higher score, and vice versa. The TTRS is calculated according to respective indicators including Legal Status; Capital; Registered Charges/Mortgages (or "Enterprise Credit Rating" for China companies); Years of Business; Negative and Positive Records and Public Filings Compliance. The maximum score for TTRS is 37.

Due to different filing requirements in China, scoring for this section is based on "Enterprise Credit Rating (级企业信用等)" filed at Administration for Industry and Commerce (工商行政管理局) (AIC). Enterprise Credit Rating is generally ranked by respective AICs in China based on their collection, research and analysis of positive and negative information on enterprises that are registered at their respective administrations and is normally classified into grade "A" for Trustworthy Enterprise (守信企业) to grade "D" for Seriously Dishonest Enterprise (严重失信企业) levels whilst availability and classification vary between different AICs.

TTRS is researched, developed and designed to appraise your business and credit risks by a rating "Total Trade Appraisal (TTA)*" defined to the company in question. TTRS is classified into eight levels represented by the TTA ranges from TTA1, indicating a minimal risk to TTA5 the highest risk. A rating of TTA6 is used for companies, which are in bankruptcy, liquidation, striking-off, dissolved, deregistration, business cessation or receivership, or are no longer trading or in business. A “NR” rating will be given for non-scored/non-appraised companies, indicating an unclassified risk (risk unknown), used on brand new companies as an example.

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