TOTAL Fraud Investigations

Fraud and corruption are facts of business life. Studies show that global businesses can lose up to 6% of revenues to fraud. That’s a massive number. Therefore, you must have effective solutions to safeguard the security and integrity of your organization and its value. And you have to investigate allegations of potential misconduct.

Uncover the Facts
Experienced in forensic accounting, financial and securities regulation and risk management, Total Credit’s multidisciplinary professionals investigate situations where you suspect you have a problem. We understand your need for sensitive and time critical corporate investigations.

Through a fraud risk assessment, we can help you identify your most significant risk areas so that they can better managed and mitigated.

Specifically, we can help you:
  • Investigate financial reporting and securities fraud
  • Examine financial and source documents for fraud – including false reporting, manipulated records and forgery
  • Investigate alleged fraud or illegal acts, including money laundering
  • Conduct insolvency and bankruptcy fraud investigations
  • Analyze suspect vendor relationships or activities
  • Probe suspect financial performance by a subsidiary, or joint-venture
  • Explore compromises of IP and industry secrets