TOTAL Due Diligence & K Y C

Today, more than ever, business opportunities and business risks go hand in hand. Total Credit can help financial, investment, legal and compliance officers find and interpret complex information and develop comprehensive due diligence and compliance programs.

For over 25 years, Total Credit has been leading the way with due diligence services, providing clients with the intelligence they need to make informed decisions about the companies and people with whom they do business. As a recognized leader in the provision of critical, risk relevant intelligence, Total Credit drives successful AML/KYC compliance.

The market has changed:
  • Multinational companies face ever-stringent regulatory and compliance requirements, mandating required screening and due diligence of customers, partners and vendors.
  • Growth-oriented businesses are continually seeking expansion opportunities worldwide, particularly in the Asia Pacific region (including China).

Investors are increasingly aware that commercial assessments cannot be accurately made without understanding a whole range of political and reputational factors, particularly in high-risk markets. In these jurisdictions, being able to fully understand the overlaps between commercial, reputational and operational issues is not the only key to mitigating risk, it can be fundamental to gaining a competitive advantage.

Total Credit is now uniquely positioned to support clients with their unique requirements, with our Total Due Diligence (TDDR) and Know Your Customer (TKYC) and Total Who’s Who solutions, which covers basic screening through to complex investigative due diligence.

The risks inherent in today’s financial transactions – including mergers and acquisitions, as well as public offerings, joint ventures, private equity, venture capital, and other investments often involve major commitments of capital and other resources. They may be based on forecasted profits – and not on verified business relationships, management experience or financial data. Total Credit’s Total Due Diligence leverages an extensive set of unique databases, in-depth analysis of public records, and access to a global network of international sources to help uncover potential risks and vulnerabilities.

Total Credit provides comprehensive background information and intelligence including personal and business reputations, financial and operating histories, verification of critical non-financial information, debt and litigation records as well as other undisclosed problems. We review unrealistic projections or overstated assets, unrecorded or understated liabilities and underlying business issues. The end result is a detailed study of any issue of concern to enable you to manage the identified risk.

Total Credit’s experienced Due Diligence team of analysts are highly skilled in research, observation and inquiry, and review a wide range of media sources, as well as regulatory, court and debt record databases to confirm professional registrations and ownership, and to assess regulatory exposure and involvement in legal proceedings. Their experience has helped to reveal hidden information and identify unusual patterns of behaviour in subject’s business activities can help uncover risk-related information that allows your clients to make confident, well-informed business decisions. Our Total Due Diligence solutions is are cost-effective and enables you to meet the needs of evaluating potential investments and business partners, as well as meeting regulatory compliance requirements (AML, KYC, FCPA, UK Bribery Act etc.), particularly in higher risk locations as well as leveraging a blend of public source data, unique in-house databases and human intelligence which enables us to develop deeper insights.

Know Your Customer (KYC) is the due diligence that financial institutions and other regulated organizations such as insurance companies and money transfer organizations must perform to identify their clients and obtain other relevant information prior to conducting financial business with them.

Although KYC policies were initially implemented in the USA to conform to the Bank Secrecy Act and the Patriot Act, KYC policies and standards are increasingly valuable as a global tool to safeguard against identity theft fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

Our intelligence is used by a wide range of listed global financial institutions, brokerage, credit, middle market financial institutions, money transfer organizations, insurance companies and other regulated organizations to strengthen fraud protection and enhance regulatory compliance.

Types of reports as follow: