Executive Vice President

Eddie CHAN,


Eddie Chan is the Group’s Executive Vice President. Based in Hong Kong, he was appointed to his position in 2018.

He has over 16 years of commercial trade and manufacturing experience in the Greater China and APAC regions.

He currently has overall responsibility for the sales and operational activities throughout Greater China.

Eddie’s career began in 1989, in the textiles, garment and accessories manufacturing industry, where he developed managerial and operational procedures which have since become the industry-accepted standard in the Greater China and APAC regions.

Eventually, he joined Total Credit & Risk Management Group, bringing with him a broad range of commercial (managerial and operational) experience, initially as a Senior Sales and Marketing Executive, later being promoted to Manager of China & Asia Pacific in 2000 and finally appointed as Executive Vice President in 2018. He also currently holds the post of Head of Business and IT Development and Operations. In addition, he is responsible for the IT development of ASIAGATE Hong Kong and was formerly Executive Councilor and Chairman of Information Technology Committee, for the Hong Kong Credit & Collection Management Association (HKCCMA) from 2017 to 2019 and former Webmaster of HKCCMA from 2008 to 2019.

Throughout his extensive career, he has been one of the pioneers in the industry development and acceptance of the Sino-Foreign Equity Joint-Venture (also referred to as Equity Joint Venture - EJV). He has extensive knowledge and understanding of the legal and financial requirements with regard to investing and managing companies in China. In 2006 and 2007, he was a speaker at the World SME Expo, where he gave highly-regarded SME Service presentations on China Business Practices. In addition, he has been part of the ASIAGATE delegation to conferences worldwide since 2004.


  • Certificate in Marketing

  • Awards

  • Long Service Award, 2018, HKCCMA

  • Professional Associations

  • Hong Kong Credit & Collection Management Association (HKCCMA), Fellow Member
  • Hong Kong Credit & Collection Management Association (HKCCMA), Past Executive Councilor (3 years)
  • ASIAGATE Hong Kong, IT Development