Introduction to Total Trade Risk Score Report – Hong Kong

Total Trade Risk Score Report – Hong Kong (TTRSR-HK)

TTRSR-HK comprises:
  • Overview
  • Corporate Structure
  • Banking
  • Writ and Debt Scanners
  • Charges/Mortgages
  • Nature of Business
  • Total Trade Appraisal*
  • Total Trade Risk Score**

**Total Trade Risk Score (TTRS) is based on a risk score model developed by the credit and risk analysis team of Total Credit & Risk Management Group. In summary, a higher-risk company attains a higher score, and vice versa. The TTRS is calculated according to respective indicators including Legal Status; Capital; Registered
Charges/Mortgages; Years of Business; Negative and Positive Records and Public Filings Compliance. The maximum score for TTRS is 37.

The TTRS is researched, developed and designed to appraise your business and credit risks by a rating "Total Trade Appraisal (TTA)*" defined to the company in question. TTRS is classified into eight levels represented by the TTA ranges from TTA1, indicating a minimal risk to TTA5 the highest risk. A rating of TTA6 is used for companies, which are in bankruptcy, liquidation, striking-off, dissolved, deregistration, business cessation or receivership, or are no longer trading or in business. A "NR" rating will be given for non-scored/non-appraised companies, indicating an unclassified risk (risk unknown), used on brand new companies as an example.

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