How to use Total Court Debt Search

1. Login at our Member Centre and click on Total Court Debt Search on the left side to search.



2. Select your desired criterion and mode before searching:

Search By: Defendant/Plaintiff Name

                 Action No.

                 Defendant Name

                 Defendant ID No.*

                 Plaintiff Name

Search Mode: Start With


                     Chinese Character

                     Action/Defendant ID No.*

*Defendant ID Number includes CI number of limited company, BR number of unlimited company or individualˇ¦s identity card number.


3. When you see the search result, click the hyperlinked action number to view the case details.


4. When you find "See Details" in the last column of "Status/Remarks", click it to view more details of the case.


5. You can also select Horizontal View or Vertical View to view the cases listed by 'Court Type'.


6.  Some useful tips below may help obtain better searching result.       

q       Specify search criterion to narrow down the search results

q       Search with 'Action No.' to view complete information of defendant, plaintiff or amount.

q       If you are not sure the first word of your target, select 'Contains'

q       Our search engine is not case sensitive so you can type in uppercase or lowercase.

- End -