Total Court Debt Search Helper

1. When searching target, we provide the following options:
  • Search By - "Defendant/Plaintiff Name", "Action No.", "Defendant Name", "Plaintiff Name" and "Defendant ID No."
  • Search Mode - "Start with", "Contains", "Chinese Character Search" and "Action/Defendant ID No."
2. Click the hyperlinked action number (HCA000099/16 Jan 2007) to view the case details.
3. For searching by "Action Number", make the numerals to 6-digitl (excluding alphabet). For example, if the Action Number is "HCB111/2006", enter as "HCB000111" then pick your desired record by the year stated.
4. When you find "D" (Defendant), "P" (Plaintiff) or "M" (Amount) appears in the "Co-info" item, it means there are more than one name or amount in this claim case. Please search again with the 'Action No.' to find out the co-data.
5. Some useful tips below may help you to obtain better result.
  • If there is too many matched results found, search again with more specific information.
  • If there is no matching result found, re-check your spelling and search again.
  • If you are not sure the first word or your target name is correct, it is advised to select 'Full Text Search'
  • Our system is not case sensitive so you can type words in uppercase or lowercase.