Cause Abbreviation Guide

AC   Advertising charge   廣告費  
AD   Amount due   欠款  
AIS   Approval of Infant Settlement   對涉及無行為能力者和解的批准
ARR   Arrears of rent rates etc.   欠租  
BA Breach of agreement   違反協議
BC   Breach of contract   違反契約  
BD Breach of duty  怠忽職責  
BKY Bankruptcy Petition   破產呈請  
BKY-DHB   Declared himself bankrupt   公開宣稱破產  
BKYO Bankruptcy order   破產令
BPT   Business profit tax   商業利得稅  
CIR   Commissioner for Inland Revenue   稅務局  
COMM/AG   Commission/Agency   佣金/代理費  
COMP   Compensation   補償  
CPT   Company profit tax   公司利得稅  
Credit card   Credit Card   信用咭  
DB   Dishonoured bill   不兌現賬單  
DC   Dishonoured cheque   支票不兌現  
DCBE   DC/bill of exchange   支票不兌現/兌換賬單  
DEL   Declaration   宣言  
DEP   Deposit 訂金  
DMG   Damage   賠償  
DN   Dishonored note   不兌現票據  
ELE CHARGES Electricity Charges   電 費  
FI   Fatal injuries 致命傷害  
FRT Freight charges 運費  
GS Goods supplied   巳供應貨物  
GSD   Goods sold & delivered   巳出售及交付貨物
HP   Hire purchase 分期付款購物
ICPD   Infringement of copyright Patents & designs 侵權專利及設計  
INJ Injunction 強制令
INS Instalment   分期供款  
INT Interest 利息
L & T Landlords & tenants (Possession) 業主及租客  
LF Licence Fees   牌照費  
MD/Owing   Money due/owing   到期應付款/欠款
MF   Management Fees   管理費  
MIS Miscellaneous   雜項  
Money Lent   Money Lent   巳貨出款項  
MORT Mortgage   按揭  
MS Materials supplied 巳供應物料  
NS Not stated 不詳  
OB Outstanding balance 逾期結欠  
OC Outstanding charge 未付費用
OD Overdraft 透支  
ORDER   Order 命 令  
PA   Purchase agreement   購買合約  
PAS   Personal assessment   個人估值  
PGR   Price of goods returned   退 貨 價 錢  
PI   Personal injuries   人身傷害  
PN Promissory note 期票  
PO   Possession 收樓
PS Professional services 專業服務  
PST Personal tax   個人稅
PT Property tax 物業稅
RC Repairing Costs 修理費
RE   Rent   租金  
ROG Return of goods   退貨
ROS Return of shares 股份申報  
RPT Repayment   還款  
RT   Rates   地稅  
SAL Salaries tax   薪俸稅  
SC Service charge   服務費  
SD Specific delivery   強制送遞  
SP Specific performance   強制履行
SR Services Rendered   巳提供服務  
STAMP Stamp Duty   印花稅
SUR Surcharges   額外收費  
TA Traffic accident   交通意外  
TS Transportation Service   運輸服務  
WAGES Wages   工資  
WATER   Water Charges   水費  
WC   Workman charges 勞工支出
WD Work done 工酬追討
WU Winding Up (Petition) 清盤呈請  
WUO Winding Up Order 清盤令
WUV Winding Up (Voluntary) 清盤(自願)
aka   Also known as   亦稱為  
fka   Formerly known as 前名為  
ft/a Formerly trading as 前營業名稱  
pka Presently know as 現名為  
t/a Trading as 營業名稱為