TAA Helper

Smart tips for entering target name for Total Auto Alarm
  1. Enter key words of the target name (e.g.: enter “Total Credit Management” instead of “Total Credit Management Services Hong Kong Limited”).
  1. Carefully check your spelling when entering target name. If target name is misspelled or mistyped, the monitoring result can be adversely affected.
  1. TAA system is not case sensitive so you can type words in uppercase or lowercase.
  1. Records are on an as-it-is basis, which might only have name in English or Chinese characters, or different name formats but for the same target (e.g.: CHEN Da Wen, could also be CHEN Dawen, 陈大文 (simplified Chinese) or 陳大文 (traditional Chinese). To achieve better results, search target name by English and Chinese characters, and by different formats.